Lovely Goodbye: The Beacon in the Veil of Tennessee

Until recently, the music scene of Tennessee was an undiscovered world cloaked in mystery and darkness for me. However, I had the pleasure of witnessing one glimmering light emitting from Johnson City area called Lovely Goodbye.

Lovely Goodbye is a four-piece band consisting of guitarist and lead vocalist Sean McCurry, guitar and backup vocalist Bryan Gibson, bassist Brandon Lambert, and drummer and backup vocalist Jeff Dotson. The band started as a beacon to represent what they call the key principles of rock: professionalism, quality, and most importantly fun. Incorporating themes of loss, love, rebirth into their music that is blend of new and old rock, this band is familiar and refreshing at the same time.

To date, the band has the comically titled “Self-titled” out for release on iTunes for $9.99. Tracks off of the album like “Starting Now” show some of the band’s influences like Daughtry. Other artists like The Gin Blossoms have helped shape songs like “Crazy.” “Let’s Start Over” is a song of second chances and reform that shows a slightly slower side of Lovely Goodbye.

You can buy the tracks from iTunes or simply by following and getting in contact with them on Twitter and Facebook, where you can also find updates, shows, and new recordings from the bands as well. Do not forget to also check out their official website as well.

Lovely Goodbye was my first introduction into the Tennessee and hopefully they are a strong sign of the rest of the talent located there. Hopefully, there are no goodbyes from Lovely Goodbye for a very long time.


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