Lost Blue’s new album “We Are Dreams” has been a long time coming for fans since their release of “The Beginning” over a year ago.  Singles “Selene” and “De Anima” were fine appetizers but could not fully satisfy fans’ appetites. Well now fans can listen to the album in its entirety for FREE on the band’s Band Camp page. Tracks have already impressed, such as “Separate,” which has an epic gang vocal chorus. Stream their album for free and the be ready to dig into your wallets when the album actually comes out!


The Ugly Club, americana/soul/rock band out of New Jersey, has released a new demo track off of their upcoming album called “David Foster Wallace.” The track boasts the homey, smooth melodies and dancey rhythms that fans of The Ugly Club have come to expect. The track is a little rough around the edges, but if this is any sign of the upcoming album, I am officially excited.

If you like this track, download their “Visions of Tall Girl” EP for FREE on their Band Camp as well.

Off the walls rock, amazing vocal harmonies, dance able rhythm section, and a bit of politics. Yup, it is the spectacular Ben Franklin. But this is not your whore-loving, syphilis-ravaged Ben Franklin, this is the Brooklyn-based gonzo rock band and their latest release “Urgency” 7″ released under Killing Horse Records!

For those unfamiliar with Ben Franklin, “Urgency” is their second release since their “Optimist” album, and thankfully they have only improved since adding second guitarist Adam Copeland. “Urgency” is a vinyl with one song on the A side and one on the B. The A-side has the title track “Urgency,” which is a fast tempo song with some sexy bass and awesome guitar work. “No Pleasin’ You,” on the B-side, shows a slightly softer side to this band with some of the most dulcet vocal harmonies and melodies.

If you get the vinyl, you also get a download card to download the two tracks on the vinyl as well as two bonus tracks “Smile” and “Teamwork,” which just makes the package all the sweeter. The vinyl is available to buy through the Killing Horse Records Big Cartel for $5.00 + shipping.

For those living solely in the digital age the release is also available through the band’s Band Camp for download and, for a limited time only, you can stream and download “Urgency” and “Optimist” completely FREE!

For all you audiophiles, I do not have to tell you that the vinyl is the one to get, but if you are running low on cash or just do not care about the quality, the download will completely suffice.

Mad Feather Group is an eclectic four-piece band from Jackson, NJ that mashes together many influences to create their unique mellow, adult contemporary, funky kind of sound. “She Mouths The Psalm” is a smooth piece combining horn instrumentation with a kind of jazzy, funk rock style to create something that you can groove to your loved one with. The video, directed by Anthony Yerba, stars group lead singer David Colon on probably the most awkward date ever. The silences are awkward, eye contact avoided at all costs, and cars break down. But does it work out for him in the end? Watch the video and find out!

Escape Directors is a 4-piece alternative rock band that has gained a lot of press and fans around the New Jersey and New York areas. Now they released a music video for their song “Wolf At The Door,” an eerie song involving ghastly vocals and haunting electric instrumentation in the background. The video for the song has a cool black and white paper look to it. The music video follows the events of one man encountering horrifying instances with the supernatural, sea creatures, and all sorts of the other things. The video is a cool idea that is definitely worth a few views so check it out!

Everyday during the month of September orchestral indie rock band The Family Crest will be playing a show in the San Francisco, California area. The band will be hosted by a variety of venues; from house shows to established venues like The Apple Store and the BeatBox.

The mission of this project is to expand on the band’s “Extended Family,” a large group of artists that help the band with recordings and live shows by using their varied musical abilities. Each new member of the extended family will be added to the chorus of a brand new song, which is to be released along with their upcoming album, “The Village.”

“Join The Family” has already kicked off but there is plenty of time to join.

If you need any more information about joining this amazing project, e-mail the band at info@thefamilycrestfamily.com.

Apollo is a 4-piece post-rock slowcore band from Brisbane, Australia with a nice promotional gift for all new fans during the month of September.

All new fans who like the band’s Facebook page during the month of September will win a free high quality download of their “The Small Step” EP for FREE! To enter the contest, just go to the “Music” tab on the left-hand side, click contest, and enter the information it asks of you. Then you will soon get an e-mail for the band that allows you to download high quality tracks in any audio form you want.